Okay, at long last, here it is! The purpose of the Marketing Program is to introduce Embermine not only to the cryptoworld, but also the potential users of our platform, which literally could be anyone. So don’t be shy! Do any of the activities below to collect points. At the end of the sale, we will tally all of the interactions for all of the individuals who registered for the program. Register by sending to us the following information by email (bounty@embermine.com), Direct Message, or Slack/Telegram DM: (PLEASE do not post this information in a public post or area!)

BitcoinTalk User Name (if applicable)
Email Address (for verification and redeeming the rewards)
Facebook Profile/Page URL
Twitter User Name
Embermine Public Slack User Name
Embermine Telegram User Name
BitcoinTalk Translation Page URL (if applicable)
Moderator Names (When selected)
Personal Blog/Medium/Steem/etc URL(s) (If using it

When the token sale is completed, the Marketing Pool will be established with 5% of the total MBRS tokens created during the sale period. The Marketing Pool is allocated in the following ways: 50%: User Marketing Programs, 40% Marketing Bounty Program, 10%: Customer Service/Special Service Rewards

The Marketing Bounty Pool will receive 40% of the total MBRSs created for the Marketing Pool. (2.5% of total created MBRSs)

Each Participant will receive a portion of the total MBRSs available for the program equal to the percentage of points they collected of the total. So, for example, if you collected 5000 points, and a total of 500,0000 points were collected by all Participants, you would receive 1% of the total Marketing Bounty Pool.


Must have at least 100 friends or followers and been active for at least 90 days. Bonus is given for extra followers:
1000-2000: 2x Points
2001-3000: 3x Points
3001-4000: 4x Points
4001-5000: 5x Points
5000+ (Page Likes): 6x Points

All rewards are based upon totals accumulated by 5:00pm UTC (12pm Central Standard Time), June 2, 2017 or the when the sale ends

Like the Embermine Facebook Page: 20 points (one time award)
Like an Embermine Facebook Page Post: 2 points (one award per post)
Share Embermine Facebook Page Post (Public Privacy setting): 10 points (one award per post)
Create a Relevant, Original Post About Embermine (Public Privacy Setting, #Embermine): 20 points (once per day) The Embermine Team will judge each post’s relevance to the token sale, features, philosophy, or Embermine team to award the points. Users will be notified if their post is not qualified.

Must have at least 100 followers and been active for at least 90 days. Must still be active at Token Sale Completion.

Bonus is given for extra followers:
1000-5000: 2x Points
5001-10000: 3x Points
10001-15000: 4x Points
15001-25000: 5x Points
25000+ : 6x Points

All rewards are based upon totals accumulated by 5:00pm UTC (12pm Central Standard Time), June 2, 2017 or when the sale ends

Follow @TheEmbermine on Twitter: 20 points
Tweet the following: Join @TheEmbermine during their #MBRS token sale: https://embermine.com/crowdsale #blockchain #smartcontract : 20 points (once per calendar day)
Use the Embermine Logo Header Card: 50 points Download from: https://embermine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/twitter_logo_banner.png
Like any Tweet (Posted after 05/11/2017) by @TheEmbermine: 5 points
Retweet any Tweet (Posted after 05/11/2017) by @TheEmbermine: 5 Points
Create a Relevant, Original Tweet About Embermine (Tagging @TheEmbermine): 30 points (once per calendar day) The Embermine Team will judge each tweet’s relevance to the token sale, features, philosophy, or Embermine team to award the points. Users will be notified if their tweet is not qualified.

Website Newsletter (https://embermine.com/contact/)
Join our Newsletter: 20 points (one time award, must be same email as registration)

Join our Slack Channel: https://slack.embermine.com 20 Points (One time award, must be active at end of sale)

Join our Telegram Channel: https://t.me/embermine 20 Points (One time award, must be active at end of sale)

Follow our YouTube Channel: 20 Points
Share a Video on Facebook: 10 Points (All Facebook Rules and Bonuses Apply)
Share a Video on Twitter: 10 Points (All Twitter Rules and Bonuses Apply)

Must have at least 5 Karma and been active at least 90 days.
Subscribe to the Embermine sub: 20 Points (one bounty per User)
Post an Embermine-relevant Article/Link/Question on our sub: 10 points (For first post only)
Relevant articles, links, and media are ones that either mention or discuss Embermine directly, or the discuss the topics of Smart Contracts, Graphene blockchain, BitShares Asset Platform, IPFS, Privacy, or Digital Rights Management on the Blockchain.

Full BitCoinTalk ANN Page Translation, Post and Moderate Thread (2 seats): 500 Points for Translation and posting, 20 points per day for Moderation, starting 05/11/2017 and lasting until the token sale ends.

Please claim your language by placing a post on here, so we can recognize you officially, for all to see. Once we officially recognize your claim, you have 48 hours to complete the translation and post the ANN, or the claim will be given to another.
The page must be completed before the sale is completed to receive the reward. The page creator can choose up to two others as moderators. Only two can be chosen, and if it is determined that they quit, abandon, or removed as moderator, they lose all accumulated points for the moderation time. Users can be moderators in more than one thread, but only one translation per user.

Languages: (feel free to suggest/claim one)

Hindi: Claimed by Tiger5056
Filipino: Claimed by BitFinnese
Italian: Claimed by davide72
Indonesian: Claimed by Republicrypto
English (2 Moderation awards only)
Russian: Claimed by GolemDeMort

Personal Blog/Newsletter/Medium/Steem: (all sites must be pre-approved and verified)
Post a unique, original, and relevant Embermine article on one of these sites (at least 800 words): 1000 points. (one award per day per User)

The Embermine staff have final say regarding the qualification of any effort for any bounty provided. Any attempt to defraud, cheat, or rig the bounty results will result in the forfeiture of all accumulated points by the offending account. There will be one warning given, allowing corrective action or explanation to be provided.
We are truly looking forward to working with all of you. We are creating a Marketing Bounty page on Embermine’s public Slack Channel, so please join us there to keep up to date on the program, ask questions, as well as to be informed of new tweets, posts, and other opportunities to earn points!