The Embermine Launch: The Platform and Live Q &A

James Drake, CEO of Embermine, leads a discussion on the Embermine Platform, its technology, its capabilities, and the ongoing plans for development.

We are recording this live overview and public Q&A discussions during the evening of May 5th. Join our Slack ( or our Telegram ( to post your questions!

Ask a topical question during the recording on our Slack and Telegram, and you will earn 1,000 Embers (EMB)! Some questions will be taken and answered by James Drake LIVE, earning that lucky person 10,000 additional EMB tokens once the sale is complete! James may select your question, regardless of when it was asked, so send in your questions, and watch to learn more about Embermine and get some Embers!


Can you elaborate more on Spark and the mechanisms in place to allow users to go into and out of the embermine network or future partnering networks?

Sparks are a token used to represent the asset value of all transactions conducted within the Embermine Platform. By utilizing the BitShares DEX as the primary asset exchange layer for the Embermine Platform, we are able to peg our Sparks to another asset, bitUSD, which itself is pegged to USD. Working as the asset “membrane” that separates the Embermine Platform from the rest of the crypto and fiat world, the BitShares DEX interface will allow Embermine Users to effectively trade any of their Sparks for any bitAsset supported by the DEX, not only bitUSD. This provides Users a flexible set of currency outlets they can use if they wish to move their assets off the Embermine Platform.

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