The act of naming is strange and powerful. To name something is to give it shape and stability as we anchor it amidst the tides of the world, even if it is fully within the abstract. They are the signifiers of us, the signified.

Basically, naming should not be taken lightly.

When you put a name to an endeavor, such as a company, you are imbuing this work with an identity. All of the branding and marketing that follows is designed to coalesce an identity into a presence within the lives of its intended user base, a relationship.

Embermine as a title occurred when I was thinking of the “creative fire,” particularly the flame Prometheus stole from the gods and gifted to humanity, facing horrific punishment in the process. After Prometheus, my thoughts turned to the campfire, that particular space of safety conjured by our ancestors to keep themselves warm during the nights and winters and to dispel the carnivorous intentions of predators. This magical space was also where we told some of the first stories, the progenitor of culture, religion, and creative practice. Embers are the small potentialities which can become—in the right conditions—a brilliant flame.
This ember is inside of you—it is yours—and it is important that you cultivate it. Hold onto it.
You will find that there are others out there who have this potential as well.
With Embermine, you can find the others and together you will do great things.