Lincoln, Nebraska- April 20, 2017 – Due to technical issues found in the partner-provided widget and smart contract code that prevented some visitors admission to our sale portal or ended up blocking or cancelling properly formatted participant transactions, Embermine’s initial Ember (MBRS) token sale was ended early by the company on April 20th, 2017. It was determined by the Embermine, Inc. management team after consulting with our partners and advisers that the changes required to fix the issues were too invasive to ensure security while the contract was still active, so the decision was made to end it early. Embermine will re-launch the sale once it can be assured that the product works as intended for all Embermine visitors. All existing, successful transactions will be automatically refunded to their original addresses in the next 48 hours and a full audit of the ledger will be completed to ensure the proper total has been returned to each address.

In addition to resolving the technical issues, our crowdsale partners and administrators are creating a new version of Embermine’s token sale, this time using Bitcoin (BTC) as the singular form of payment. We intend on announcing the date of our re-launch within 10 days, with the re-launch one week from that date. The down time is required to not only prepare the new sale with the updated parameters and acquire high quality Escrow key-holders, but also to conduct our own, independent audit and review of the new token sale contract code and sale portal widget provided by our partners to ensure that issues like this do not happen again.

Embermine places a premium value on the role our early supporters and Users play in our current and future success, so each individual’s confidence and sense of security in all that we do is of utmost importance. Despite this issue, we remain very excited by the incredible response we have received from all of you to Embermine thus far and look forward to building our creative collaboration ecosystem for all of you. We will be reaching out to all of you in advance of the re-launch to ensure that you are able to preserve your previously guaranteed opportunity with Embermine despite this change.

All of us at Embermine, our partners, and investors thank you for your patience and continued interest as we move toward the re-launch. Please check our website, Slack, Telegram, Facebook and Twitter pages for continued updates on the Embermine Platform, the announcement of our upcoming Open Beta Registration, and of course, the information regarding the Ember (MBRS) Token Sale, Version 2.0!