Allow us to introduce you to Embermine, the smart contract platform designed to empower users in all of their projects by guaranteeing proper revenue and royalty share between all collaborators.

Giving everyday people the power of creating, negotiating, and empowering smart contracts in a manner that is intuitive and clear, while having the platform generate the complicated code required to create the custom smart contract and install it to the blockchain is enormous. It evokes in me the memories of working with the first beta WYSIWYG HTML generators in the early days of website development and how they helped create the massive surge in the accessibility and capabilities of those wishing to leverage the power of a website.

Embermine’s purpose of placing this technology into the hand of every person is very ambitious, but also necessary in bringing smart contract and blockchain technology out of the shadows and demystifying it for the masses. Accomplishing that, the true power that these technologies can have to transform commerce and collaboration will be fully realized and harnessed.

Finally, Embermine’s development is through a concerted effort to use its own philosophy of collaboration to bring it to life. Dedicated to an open-source development track, and by nurturing technical and philosophical dialogue with key organizations and thought leaders in areas such as blockchain development, smart contracts, identity protection, IP law, and digital distribution, Embermine will be more than just one idea by one company. It will be many ideas from many companies, fused with the common purpose of bringing people closer together with technology, not driving them apart.

Have something you want to ask, share, or comment? Let us know! Are you interested in collaborating with us, or even wanting to know more about the platform for your own personal endeavors? Contact us! We will be announcing our plans for an open beta soon, so stay tuned!