The Embermine community is made up of Users and Entities

The Embermine Community



A User is an unique, verified private identity on Embermine that creates and manages Entities and wallets. This is the sovereign identity within the environment which can only be revealed to others in accordance with the User's wishes. We believe that privacy is not remaining hidden or anonymous all the time but revealing yourself on your own terms.

An Entity is a User-created public identity used to conduct both types of activities in Embermine: Transactions and Interactions.

Embermine Entities Include:




An entity that can create and manage Projects and Smart Contracts. They can hire Collaborators and interact with Customers. Dominant "shareholder" of the Project.

An Entity that purchases Products and interacts with Creators, Collaborators, and other Customers.

An Entity that can work on Projects, accept Smart Contracts. They work with and rate Creators and interact with Customers.