Embermine Token Sale Tutorial

If you do not have a local Ethereum wallet software like Mist or Parity on your computer, you can use a free web wallet https://myetherwallet.com

Creating MyEtherWallet account

Go to https://myetherwallet.com

Generate a wallet with a passphrase and store the passphrase in your password manager.

generate wallet


Download the keyfile. Store it safely. You use this file to sign in back to your MyEtherWallet account. Do not lose this file or its password. You can also use the same keyfile with other Ethereum wallets.


After downloading you are given an option to print a paper backup.


In order to sign in to your MyEtherWallet from Send Ether & Tokens navigation link. You need to give your keystore file and passphrase.

After you logged in your ETH wallet, you will see your ETH wallet address. Your ETH wallet address is located top left. (see the picture below)


Within the Embermine crowdsale page, follow the steps for Human Verification, Contribution Terms & Conditions, Refund Address and then you will arrive in the tab Token Address. This is where you should insert your own ETH wallet address. Make sure you copy>paste it. Re-check the address again before sending to make sure it’s entered correctly. Do NOT hand type your ETH wallet address.