Lincoln, Nebraska— 28 April 2017Embermine, Inc., a blockchain and smart contract platform startup announced today that the re-launch of their Ember token sale to support the ongoing development of their platform has been set for 5 May, 2017 at 5:00 UTC. The original token sale was ended by Embermine management after they discovered that programming errors in the third-party provided sale widget and smart contract were preventing access and processing of Ember token purchases. TokenMarket, the token sale administrator, has rebuilt the sale, using Bitcoin (BTC) as the singular form of payment.

Each Ember token allows one person the ability to create their unique User account and access to Embermine’s innovative smart contract platform. Designed to provide everyday people with the power of creating, negotiating, and utilizing their own smart contracts in a manner that is intuitive and clear, Embermine automatically generates the complicated code required to create a custom smart contract and install it to Embermine blockchain. This ensures accurate and automated revenue and royalty sharing on any creative and collaborative project ranging from eBooks and videos to apps and music. Combining this with cutting edge digital identity verification and creation services, a secure and accessible cryptocurrency practice, and nearly endless extensibility with third-party applications and productivity tools, Embermine will become the operating system needed to support the creative lifestyle.

“Technology is the binding thread that holds us together in the increasing interconnectedness of the world,” says James Drake, C.E.O. of Embermine. “Whenever technology has become more readily available to those who never had access to it previously, there is an opportunity for huge leaps in innovation and creativity. By softening the dividing line between technology for the tech-elite and technology for the masses, we have leveled the playing field, ensuring everyone the opportunity to contribute.”

Embermine’s development is through a concerted effort to use its own philosophy of collaboration to bring it to life. Dedicated to an open-source development track, and by nurturing technical and philosophical partnerships with key organizations and thought leaders in areas such as decentralization, blockchain development, smart contracts, identity protection, IP law, and digital distribution, Embermine will be more than just one idea by one company. It will be the coming together of many ideas from many companies, fused with the common purpose of bringing people closer together with technology, not driving them apart.

Additionally, Embermine announces the opening of their corporate offices on Monday, 1st of May 2017 at Turbine Flats, the non-profit, collaboration and innovation cooperative located just off the University of Nebraska campus in Lincoln, Nebraska. “Turbine Flats provides an environment with an energetic, collaborative energy,” says Embermine Chief Operations Officer, Garrison Breckenridge. “It will serve as the perfect backdrop to Embermine’s work with our development partners toward our beta release in October of 2017.” Embermine timed the re-launch and celebration of their Ember token sale to coincide with Turbine Flat’s annual Crawfish Boil, a festival of art, music, innovation, food, and community to be held on 5th of May, 2017 on the Turbine Flats campus.

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