Embermine serves as an platform for Users to collaborate and launch Projects, providing networking, user-friendly smart contract deployment, community engagement, and marketplace. These Projects can include applications, plug-ins, and other software created by third-party developers. If the community sees a need, developers can collaborate to meet the demand.


There are two ways that developers can participate in a Project: objective-based freelance or team-driven collaboration. In the first, the Project Creator puts forth the specific objectives necessary for the software’s development, leaving it open for others to accomplish these objectives and receive smart-contract enforced compensation. In the second, the Creator announces a Project and begins building the Project Compact, which gathers all smart contracts related to the Project and documents the role and responsibilities of all Collaborators.  The first leans toward open-source contribution and the second will likely result in a royalty split between the team. Overall, Embermine provides developers a variety of means to launch their Projects.

Platform Integration

Embermine will not be able to accommodate the needs of every User; it may provide all the tools necessary to fund and launch Projects, but there remains a lot of room for development that Embermine Inc. and its partners may not be able to address promptly. Therefore, Embermine will implement an open-source design philosophy which encourages third-party developers to create applications and plug-ins that directly integrate with the platform. Examples of this could include a native e-reader, music player, video streaming application, etc. Giving developers the opportunity to augment the Embermine experience creates a recursive ecosystem, where the very Projects created improve the overall User experience.

Open Market

Developers will have access to a vibrant community of Users. Engaging with the community can help inspire the development of certain applications to act on market opportunities. Embermine also has the potential to bring decentralized applications to a mainstream user base.