Professionals within the private practice domain can use Embermine as an operating system to manage their work. With a vibrant community of Users across a wide range of disciplines, private practitioners such as agents, publicists, or managers can develop and cultivate their client base without the friction of traditional contract terms and payment structures. These three examples are used because of their common purpose: handling the more stressful and cumbersome aspects of the creative lifestyle so that their clients can stay focused on their Projects.

Open Market

With the professional networking aspect of the platform, agents, publicists, and managers can build their client base to their respective needs. For example, an agent may have hundreds of clients, a publicist may be exclusive to a certain individual or group, and a manager may work with no more than three bands. Regardless of their industry specialties, these professionals will have access to a huge reservoir of potential clients.

Streamlining Client Relations

Whether it is a publicist handling media relations for a software company, an agent finding jobs for his long list of actors and authors, or a manager mentoring members of a band, the flexible payment mechanisms within Embermine can remove a lot of friction. A publicist may prefer a flat monthly rate. An agent usually gets ten percent of their client’s income. A manager, being more attentive to a handful of clients at most, may earn between ten and twenty percent. The ability to negotiate and finalize smart contracts directly with their clients to automate revenue share is an incredibly valuable tool for streamlining their practice.

Tools of the Trade

These professions thrive on providing opportunities for their clients. Just like their clients, they too can use the platform to conduct their business e.g. landing an actress a role on an episodic series (agent), communicating with media outlets operating on the platform (publicist), or renting a studio space (manager). With the emergence of tokenized ecosystems and third-party applications that integrate with Embermine’s flow-based economy, Embermine can be the ultimate application in these spaces.