Due to some of the decisions we made regarding the relaunch of the Embermine (MBRS) Token Sale, there have been some changes to the parameters of the sale to reflect those decisions. Please review the information carefully and feel free to ask us if you have any questions, or desire additional information.

Main Token Sale Page: https://www.embermine.com/crowdsale

Token Sale Starting Time: 5:00pm UTC/12 Noon US Central Standard Time, May 5th, 2017

Token Sale Ending Time: 5:00pm UTC/12 Noon US Central Standard Time, June 2nd, 2017

Accepted Currency: Bitcoin (BTC)

Project Description

Embermine is a smart contract platform designed to allow content Creators to find Collaborators to assist in the development of their Projects, as well as provide management and distribution tools for their creative projects. The Embermine project is one part revenue share and payments engine, part content distribution network, part collaborative project management platform, and part social media network.

  • Embermine Tokens (MBRS): Used to stake nodes in a proof-of-stake consensus process. They will be traded on public exchanges. One Ember is required to create the unique User account on the network, and is subsequently removed from circulation.
  • Spark: Used to conduct transactions on the network. It is a form of payment for goods and services. Sparks are roughly equivalent to $1 USD each. They are liquid and can be withdrawn by Users at anytime through the bitShares DEX or use of partner debit card services.
  • Heat: A unit of “energy” used to execute activities and interactions between users, such as collaborations and the establishment of new projects. Heat is used as a measure of User activity within open projects, Collaborator reputation, and content quality.


Ember (MBRS) Token Details

Role of token: Voting, Block Creation, and Platform Access
Token supply: 150 Million
Distributed in ICO:       85% of all Generated Embers (127.5 million Maximum)

6% Developer, Employee, and Early Supporter Distribution Pool (6 month Time-lock from Sale Ending Date)

5% Reserved for Marketing and Advertising During and After Sale

4% Open Source Development and Bug Bounty Rewards

Emission rate: Remainder MBRS cap will be distributed in proportion to Embers which are used and removed from circulation.
Consensus method: Delegated Proof-of-Stake protocol based upon the Graphene blockchain

ICO Details

Sale period: May 5 2017 to June 2nd 2017
Pricing/Bonus: Pre-Order (8am CST – 10am CST May 5th): .000025 BTC per MBRS

First Day: .00003 BTC per MBRS/33,333 MBRS per BTC

Rest of Sale: .00004 BTC per MBRS/25,000 MBRS per BTC

Token distribution date: Distributed within 24 hours of Sale Close
Minimum investment goal:      200 BTC
Maximum investment cap: 4,000 BTC
How are funds held: Escrow services provided by Coinfirm.Io in a multi-sig wallet with Mikko Ohtamma of TokenMarket and James Drake of Embermine, Inc.
Mainnet release date: Expected Oct/Nov 2017