We had a small issue with some of the Marketing Bounty accounts in that we discovered a couple of them we copies being run by one person to “double up” on the rewards. While we are, in a strange way, flattered that someone would think of us as valuable enough to try to steal, we are genuinely upset because it called into question any individuals in our system and with us having done everything that we had to do to still launch the token, it was really unfortunate that we had to take the time that we did to verify all of the information as much as we could by hand. It took up some valuable time and now we are not distributing the MBRS tokens until tomorrow as it is 4:00am CST here and we need sleep.

We will hit it charging hard in the morning. Expect the first emails for the token distribution to begin around noon. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If we are going to be doing it, we are going to be doing it right.

So by the end of the day Saturday, everyone should have access to their tokens, including the participants of the Marketing Bounty program.