Despite not making the minimum goal for our token sale, a number of individuals who have already participated or had missed the sale completely, started asking if we would launch the Ember tokens regardless of the result. The short answer was always, “Yes”. It was just a matter of making sure that we did it the “right” way.

We always had multiple funding sources for this project, but we wanted to use the token sale as an opportunity to create a geographically broad and diverse distribution of the Embermine seat licenses represented by the Ember tokens. Even switching gears funding-wise to a more project/product revenue-oriented method was still going to require us to create and distribute the Embers.

To fully fund all of the marketing, code bounty, and employee compensation pools, with the number of Embers required, we needed to fund and guarantee the creation of about 50,000,000 Embers to be distributed to all purchasers, generating the 8,823,530 MBRSs needed for those pools. We want to make sure that our platform has the seat licenses, Users, marketing, and coding support it requires to be a viable platform. We wanted those who also wanted this to happen to have a chance to participate if they wish.

So we worked out a direct to user, private token sale which will allow buyers the ability to order the MBRS tokens that they want and either get their original purchase at a great discount, or purchase new or additional tokens using one of many different cryptocurrencies. More details are found in the participation pages below.

The sale runs from 6:00am Saturday, June 10, 2017 through to 6:00pm Sunday, June 11, 2017

We made two different pages. One is specifically for returning buyers who want to secure their original investment:

And the other is for new or additional purchases:

For new or additional purposes, we have added the ability to use many different currencies, just make sure to send the correct currency to the correct address provided and please double check against mistakes.

We want to make it very clear that we are providing this service as a reward to those who have supported us earlier, and who requested the opportunity to catch some MBRSs who did not take or know of the token sale before now. Also, I want to be able to reward the Marketing Bounty supporters who have worked tirelessly to promote and provide a signal boost to Embermine’s Platform on social media. We are very thankful for everyone’s support and are looking forward to bring this platform out on the promising and exciting EOS backbone, and creating a truly valuable network and creative lifestyle management platform, creating solid demand for the Ember token seat licenses and the other functions it provides.

On June 15th, we will also provide a more detailed development timeline, including the announcement of Embermine’s first live project, Tokenverse, and the target dates for our Testnet, Open Beta, and Final Product releases. We will also be providing more detailed information regarding the Seat License Contracting system, the Embermine Smart Contract and Entity structures, and much more.

Please let us know if you have any questions, issues, or problems.


The Embermine Team