When you spend enough time with creative and enterprising individuals, you can pick up on their restlessness regarding the areas they have yet to explore, the things they have yet to create, or the stories they have yet to tell. One phrase that lies incredibly close to reach to express this frustration is “breaking into the industry.” I’m sure many of you have heard this from an unpublished writer, indie game developer, musician, or some other artist/creator in your life. Perhaps you yourself have lamented and raged against the fortifications of a system that seems impenetrable without connections and a fair bit of luck. With the way the systems are designed today, this bears some truth.

Let’s distill this into three variables: you, your method, and the score.

You are both your greatest resource and your most effective saboteur. If you’re finding it difficult to “break” into the industry, then you have a story, a song, or some creative artefact to speak for your efforts. If not, then figure out what you’re trying to actualize before going any further. Assess your patterns within inner and physical space and see if something is an obstacle or needs optimization. Ask yourself if this field or industry is worth breaking into; if so, then start planning.

The method involves the various entities and systems you will utilize to achieve your goal. Who is in your network to lend you support and advice? Who are the gatekeepers? How are you approaching the systems of your success? Can you identify them? After looking inward, now is the time to look around yourself and see the designs. Try and pinpoint the influencers in your peripheral vision. Basically, listen closely and look carefully. Do this for a while and you will notice the artifice of the whole thing. It is both liberating and daunting to realize that we are accountable for the systems we create in order to create.

You need a recursive platform that is designed with the sole intent of helping you actualize your ideas. That story. That song. That program. We at Embermine do not only want to help you break into the industry. We want to help you break it, look at the pieces, and build something else. We want to give you access to the tools that will allow creative agency in your life.

We want to help you get the score.