The Embermine Manifesto

Tony Fadell, legendary product designer and thought leader, often speaks of the responsibility that companies bear in creating a statement of objectives and guiding philosophies to their customers and business partners. This document, a manifesto, not only delivers a clear signal of intent to those outside of the company, but also a provides a solid foundation of corporate culture to be nurtured by those within. It is in the spirit of meeting this responsibility that we present The Embermine Manifesto:

The Eleven Embers:

  1. Find art in everything
  2. Take pride in doing good work
  3. Learn from your mistakes and move forward
  4. Build trust through transparency
  5. Celebrate what makes you different
  6. Live and love authentically
  7. Listen to every voice, for it has value
  8. Ask for help when you need it
  9. Collaborate to achieve community
  10. Embrace your challenges, face your fears
  11. Imagine what is possible, and then give it a shot

Ignite innovation. Illuminate the world. Be Embermine. 


Technology is the binding thread that holds us together in the increasing interconnectedness of the world. As technology becomes more readily available to those who never had it previously, there is a greater opportunity for people to cloister themselves for the sake of convenience. At Embermine, everything from our business model to our technology platform is founded on the idea of community. By softening the dividing line between technology for the tech-savvy and technology for the masses, we have leveled the playing field. We can genuinely promote community in Embermine’s network of users because we live community in our office.

Embermine was born of experience. The initial spark for what is now Embermine has its roots in the publishing industry. In the face of adversity, our essential questions were:

  • How can we empower writers and artists so that they can manage their creative work and achieve their goals, sustainability, and professional growth?
  • Moreover, how can we streamline the compensation of these individuals efficiently and fairly, assuring the fulfillment of those terms and responsibilities?
  • Finally, how can we do all of this with accountability and confirmation that is irrefutable?

After a bit of thought and a little research, it came to us. The answer was the democratization of a digital smart contracts, a process finally made possible through the development of blockchain technology. The result was an idea that will change the business of contracts and the art of project collaboration forever.

Originally, the ability to create and understand the programming used to create smart contracts was available to only specialized programmers and enthusiasts. Embermine will bring the smart contract into a language and format that is nonexclusive and accessible to anyone using the Embermine platform. The result is that we help users assume a new sense of ownership and responsibly for their efforts by affecting the long-term course of their careers. Finally, a demographic of people without previous knowledge or access to smart contract technology, now have the tools to determine and control their personal and professional destinies. Embermine isn’t just a company. We are a collaborative revolution.

  1. Find art in everything

We encourage users on the Embermine platform to see their art objectively and with passion because it is how we view our own work. The fact is, all Embermine team members, everyone from the program developers to the website designers, consider themselves artists. This permeates our work in the way we approach company projects and responsibilities, seeing them through a creative lens. We believe that art is all around us, not only in what we create in the name of art, but in the natural environment that inspires it. Art is in unexpected places, everywhere from a coffee mug containing thin-tipped neon markers to the way the sunlight casts a glow across a hardwood floor. We see art transcend life and life transcend art, appreciating our platform users as artists and professionals. In turn, they will also see the Embermine team members who created the platform as artists.

  1. Take pride in doing good work

Do good work, and feel good in the process. Strive for the best outcome, with the idea that your effort reflects both you and your convictions. This doesn’t mean that the result will always be what you intended, or even close to what you imagined. The entire experience may be even better! What matters is that it represents your best effort and that you feel good about your accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Let your light shine through! At Embermine, we aspire to this every day, taking pride in even the smallest details of every project and product, so that our customers don’t have far to go to see it. Whether it is in our own work or through the creative expression of our platform users, we see possibility in every project on the Embermine platform. But Embermine was created to serve our users, to make their lives better. As such, we want them to see the possibilities and imagine what lies beyond them.

  1. Learn from your mistakes and move forward

We learn from the things we don’t get right the first time. This is how we came to learn to walk as babies and later on, how to ride a bike. Many of the events and ideas that shape our work at Embermine have grown out of what went wrong along the way. With each set back, we picked up and moved on. Embermine’s success is the result of eliminating what didn’t work in the past. It is evidence of our tenacity and willingness to pursue our dream. When we realized that our goal was improving the lives of our platform users instead of making our own lives better, we knew Embermine had arrived. We are creating a transformative experience, one that empowers the individual user to the same extent that it promotes collaboration. While we give our users the tools they require to realize personal success, we also provide them with the support required to achieve better collaborative outcomes.

  1. Build trust through transparency

Trust is at the heart of every relationship, and is perhaps the single most important component of a business transaction. Contracts are confusing, even to those with the skills and expertise to discern their content. Embermine aims to take the mystery out of contracts, making the entire process easy and straightforward for all collaborators. Through our smart contract application, we provide users with the access they need to devise the terms and provisions of contract as unique and original as they are. Because all collaborators know to whom they are accountable and to what extent, as well as the details of their specific project objectives, there is little room for disillusionment. We model this transparency within our company in that we are a team, equal players in the game. To do this, we don’t consider our management to be a leadership hierarchy. Instead, it is multilateral, with open communication and honest relationships between all employees at its core.

  1. Celebrate what makes you different

Just as every user of the Embermine platform is a distinct, one-of-a-kind individual, so is each member of the Embermine team. We believe that our unique collection of talents and abilities sets us apart. It begins with Embermine’s corporate architecture and the structure of our business model. This this is in effort to stay true to who we are, and who we always have been, and who we hope to be in the future. We are committed to every Embermine platform user, and what makes them interesting and beautiful in their own right. To the same extent, we strive to show the world a new kind of company, one with limitless texture, infinite dimension, and unbounded diversity. At our foundation is the joy we take in helping our platform users collaborate and create without hesitation, turning their dreams into their realities. In doing this, Embermine demonstrates the power of teamwork, bringing artistic endeavors and projects out of the shadows and into the light of a global community.

  1. Live and love authentically

Life is short, too short to waste time on incidental details. The Embermine platform gives artists and project designers advantages over time and energy output that they never had before. The efficiency and ease with which the Embermine platform may be accessed and implemented allows project creators to quickly evaluate their efforts in ways that were once inconvenient, if not stressful. As a result, they have more time to focus on their work and create more. Embermine is an ongoing labor of love and sacrifice of every team member responsible for its success. With this idea at heart, Embermine promotes a corporate climate that values happy and balanced living. We recognize that family and friends are cornerstones of who we are, and instrumental in how we collaborate with the world. It is through honest interactions, both at work and in our personal lives, that we are able to give Embermine the energy and momentum it needs, not to just reach its potential, but to extend beyond it, farther than we ever imagined.

  1. Listen to every voice, for it has value

Interesting conversations stem from passionate discourse. This begins by acknowledging that differing opinions exist as well as varying points of view. Embermine listened to the voices of disenfranchised artists and project creators saying they wanted control over their professional futures. This ultimately moved us to create something so exciting that it was revolutionary, in both the sphere of technological development and the realm of artistic collaboration. We designed a platform that would empower its users and improve their lives. To foster this open conversation further, we endorse a multidisciplinary dialogue that is both interactive and original to those who use it, representing the ingenuity within the company and the Embermine network. The result is a platform that reflects not only innovation, but true utility. It is a marriage of form and function, an idea that doesn’t just makes lives better. It validates the interconnectedness of the global community.

  1. Ask for help when you need it

The world is becoming a more intricate labyrinth of technology and information noise every day. Seeking help amid the confusion is somehow contrary to the independence and self-reliance we deem admirable personality traits. But asking questions can shed new light on our challenges, and thus open new avenues of understanding. An alternate perspective lends the insight of another to our own experience, giving it added depth and dimension. We at Embermine consider ourselves artists as well as programmers, developers, and designers, understanding what many see as a divide between art and technology. Embermine, as both a community of professionals and as a network of users, is a vast wealth of information, one able to generate ideas and provide resources for individual users as well collaborative projects. If we take responsibility for the choices we make and show gratitude to those who help us to make better ones, there is no limit to our potential.

  1. Collaborate to achieve community

The machine that is Embermine is greater and more powerful than the individual pieces that make our company run. But we are not cogs and wheels, metal and oil. We are a living, breathing, thinking, (laughing) machine, where every human gear has a role in the ongoing collaboration that comprises our “company community.” Every day, we make it a point to show support for the ongoing work of our team members and acknowledge their achievements. Moreover, it is our mission to inspire greatness in every Embermine user, for we measure our success according to theirs. Embermine is about community at every level. But we also celebrate the accomplishments of the individual. The more strength each contributing member wields, the stronger the community will be. It is about striking a balance, and the Embermine platform is the optimal venue where a single user shines like a star and group collaborations burns like a sun.

  1. Embrace your challenges, face your fears

At Embermine, we err on the side of optimism and opportunity rather than on the side of obstacles and missed chances. However, there are times when we must overcome not just impediments, but things that emotionally burden us. Success can be as frightening as failure. We know. Fear is different from the inconvenience of a setback or the embarrassment of something that didn’t go as planned. Fear incites an emotional and physical reaction that is embedded in a place so deep that to dig it out seems impossible. The only way to triumph over fear is to stare it down and rise above it. This is easier said than done. But every Embermine platform user has a built-in support system consisting of the Embermine team as well as those within the Embermine network. Whether it is fear rooted in creative work or in professional development, those who are part of Embermine have comfort. They are not alone.

  1. Imagine what is possible, and then give it a shot

We imagined a way to change the world, and created Embermine to see it realized. As we developed our identity, we assumed our edge, which is to give a voice to people who previously had little or none before. This is what drives us, serving as the foundation for our business model, the basis for our platform design. Embermine users create smart contracts original to their skills and according to their needs along with connecting them to collaborating partnerships that will help to ensure their project’s completion. The network’s possibilities for connections are as infinite as the opportunities for creative expression. Embermine’s application has the power to soften the boarders that define the tech world, making formerly hard and defined lines transparent. We acknowledge our place in the 21st century’s ubiquitous state of technology, and accept this fate as part of the ever-connected society. We are committed to improved humanity and humility as we navigate the global community. It will keep us relevant, moving forward with confidence and conviction.

Ignite innovation. Illuminate the world. Be Embermine.