About Embermine

The Embermine Project is an effort to provide Users a versatile operating system for their endeavors. Within the Embermine community are Entities which connect to each other. While we may provide a variety of use cases up front, we encourage the entrepreneurial spirit to experiment. Not only do we want our Users to experiment with the tools available, we also encourage third party developers to create apps and plugins which integrate within Embermine, thereby enhancing the experience. We provide an environment for them to do that very thing!

Embermine Videos

Video: The Embermine platform and its Capabilities

April 11, 2017

Video: The Project Compact, Development, and it's role in managing project-oriented relationships

April 12, 2017

Video: The Role of Identity and Privacy in the Digital World

April 13, 2017

Use Cases

Here are some use cases for Embermine, again, we encourage all Users to experiment. There's no limit to what can be done on Embermine!

E-Publishing (Books, Comics, Graphic Novels, etc.)

Mobile and Web App Development

Film making (Movie, Commercial, music video, etc.)

Philanthropy (Save the world!)

Music (management platform, royalty split, promotions)