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Who We Are

How it Works

Embermine is a smart contract platform designed to empower users in ALL of their projects by GUARANTEEING proper revenue and royalty share between all collaborators.

Join a community of Creators, Customers and Collaborators, and utilize smart contracts to develop original digital content and projects for consumers to buy, up-vote and share!


As a member of the Embermine community you will have access to content created for you, by you! Original content created by other users will be available for you to purchase, up vote, and share!

Creators provide products for you to purchase, share, and enjoy! Follow your interests and interact directly with the people making the things that you enjoy! Use the in house currency "Spark" to buy, sell and trade.

Crowdfund your projects and reward supporters for their contribution. Creating a space for this synergy to occur will allow those with even limited resources to bring their works or services to the world.

Join the Community


Be a Customer


Collaborate with your peers across the globe to plan, create, and launch projects. Smart contracts you create determine when and how all collaborators get paid on the project!

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E-Publishing (Books, Comics, Graphic Novels, etc.)

Mobile and Web App Development

Film making (Movie, Commercial, music video, etc.)

Philanthropy (Save the world!)

Music (management platform, royalty split, promotions)


Use Cases

We are creating a platform with virtually unlimited potential. Here are some use cases but don't just limit yourself, Embermine can be used for nearly anything you can imagine!

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Never miss a moment! Interact with your peers on the Embermine platform to collaborate, plan or even negotiate the terms of smart contracts with your mobile phone.

Instantly generate smart contracts in the palm of your hand. Embermine will make negotiating contracts with various Collaborators and Contributors intuitive and easy.

Build your social and collaborative networks, keep up to date on the latest Projects, and get involved.


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The Embermine Platform Development Timeline

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