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We Are Embermine.

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The Embermine Platform.
Giving Agency to Creative Entrepeneurs.

Collaborate and Create. Buy and Sell. All within the Embermine web application.
Powered by blockchain and smart contracts, never again worry about paying or receiving royalties.

Build a Dream Team
For Your Dream Project.

Collaboration made easy and safe. Finally writing the next great American novel? Use the built-in reputation system to find the perfect designer and publisher within your budget.

Smart Contracts.
Smart Business.

Develop smart contracts as part of the "project compact" and rest easy. Automated royalties means no more breaking down doors to collect payments and no more paying off one person with the money you owe another.

No More
Marketplace Robbery.

Your great American novel is now available on the leading online market? Congrats! And also say goodbye to up to 30% of every sale. Embermine receives exactly 0% of each sale. Your hard work. Your earnings.

The Embermine Ecosystem.

There are four projects in the Embermine ecosystem currently being developed.

Who We Are.

We are group of dedicated, hard working individuals with a passion and a
dream of making the next generation of applications and digital tools.
James Drake

Co-Founder and CEO

Blockchain and Smart Contract evangelist. Futurist. Decentralizer. Creative Thinker, Reader, Writer, and Speaker. Scrabble and Street Fighter 2 champion.

Garrison Breckenridge

Co-Founder – Embermine, Editor In Chief Tokenverse

Storyteller, Entrepreneur, Humanist. Musician. Explorer of inner and outer space.

Joey Gentzler

Creative Arts Director

Sports. Adventure. Family. Graphic design is about translating ideas into functional art.

Lam Hoang

International Business Relations

Dedication to friends, family, and work. Work hard, play hard.

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